Let’s talk about specifications. snapdragon 845 microprocessor, one of the fastest microprocessor for smartphones in 2019 in this price range, comes with 4000 maH battery which will serve you more than enough for a full day with heavy usage like gaming, video, online media streaming etc, this doesn’t end here, couples with real dual rear camera and 20MP front-facing camera with camera API 2.0 enabled which you hardly get in any other phone now with 6GB/8GB RAM + liquid cooling makes it blazing fast.

What I personally like about POCO F1 over other phone are:

  1. Price
  2. fast processor
  3. camera is super cool: API2 makes it cooler as you can install GCAM without rooting your device
  4. Battery backup: more than enough
  5. IR face unlock: such an accurate I havn’t seen earlier.

Is it still worthy to buy POCO F1 in last quads of 2019?

My impetuous answer will be “Absolutely YES

Why and How?

Not a single phone will give such a huge amount of specs in this price range. I can predict POCO F1 to be the best budget phone for the next two years. I can compare it with ONE PLUS 7 which is 1.5 times in price. Poco f1 is also comparable to Google pixel 3.

For Indian, POCO F1 is available on Amazon and Flipkart. I will suggest you to buy 128GB & 256GB variants only because you will feel it while using if you buy the 64GB variant. Links are given below, you can buy directly from the links (** Offers are included the links below)



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